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3 reasons publishers should leverage programmatic video advertising

By Emil Torma,
VP programmatic solutions
April 27th 2018

Programmatic video advertising has been growing substantially in the past few years. A lot of publishers have already explored programmatic monetization avenues for video, such as private marketplaces, open market demand or programmatic direct deals. Reason for the rise is that there are great benefits for both buyers and sellers that come with leveraging programmatic video ad inventory. Here are three of those benefits:

1. Better performance and audience measurement

By leveraging programmatic technology for video ads, marketers are able to target the right audiences and measure performance in a much more accurate manner. Because of this, programmatic videos are increasingly included in advertising strategies as video is already viewed as a high-impact format that generates more engagement and better click-through rates than other ad units.

2. Higher eCPMs and higher sell-through

Video ad eCMPs tend to be 4 to 5 times higher than those you would see with regular display advertising. Programmatic video is no different and the revenue generated through programmatic channels is as high (if not higher) than you would see with direct sold. Additionally, by leveraging programmatic ads, publishers are able to fill inventory spikes and gaps at higher prices than they would be able through bulk selling of inventory.

3. Monetization options and flexibility

Video advertising supports a variety of formats and technical requirements, including different video players, ad lengths and types and, content guidelines. Today’s programmatic video solutions offer several monetization options and flexibility which can be adapted to nearly all types of video setups. Be it instream or outstream video, short form or long form content, there are options available which allow publishers to expose their video inventory to programmatic demand sources in a manner that works for them.

Programmatic video advertising has matured quite a lot in the past few years and has come a long way to offer a more seamless experience to users and more flexibility and control to publishers. Publishers can now leverage programmatic ads on their video ad inventory and maximize their revenue without needing to fear that they will offer an intrusive and annoying user experience or deliver low-quality ads to their users.

Video ad delivery can be accomplished leveraging several tech options, like prebid video, VAST tags or various third-party solutions.

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