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5 Tips for mobile advertising in 2017

By Lourie Contaoe,
User Acquisition Manager
June 21st 2017

Reaching an all-time high, mobile advertising benefited from a 77 percent increase from its revenue in 2015, reaching a total of $36.6 billion – who’s to pretend now that mobile isn’t the future of digital advertising? Last April, IAB issued their annual Internet Advertising Revenue Report: a total of $72.5 billion was spent in 2016 on digital advertising. More surprisingly though, over half of that revenue was earned through mobile advertising. Ok, even without being so assertive about mobile being the future of the industry, we can’t deny that to stay current, advertisers will need to add mobile to their advertising strategies.

Why do we need to go mobile?

Numbers are here to prove that mobile advertising buying skyrocketed in 2016, and everything leads to believe that 2017 will follow on that trend. Given those facts, let see how users react to mobile advertising and what tips you can use to optimize your mobile strategy.

IAB conducted a research in June 2017 on the Global perspective of Mobile Consumer experience, surveying people from different countries across North and South America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Africa. Here are a few takeaways from it:

  • 63 percent of worldwide mobile users use their mobile device every 30 minutes, 22 percent using it every 5 minutes.

  • 90 percent of global mobile web users and 86 percent of mobile apps users are aware of advertising when using mobile platforms.

  • 45 percent of mobile web users take action after being targeted by an ad; mobile app users are slightly more responsive, with 47 percent taking action. Actions taken can be defined as clicking on the ad, visiting the website or researching the product.

  • Mobile apps generate slightly more engagement, with 13 percent of users clicking on the ad, as opposed to 11 percent on mobile Web. However, mobile web users are more likely to remember the brand being advertised.

This study indicates two things: a high majority of people are aware of advertising when using mobile platforms, and nearly half of them will take some sort of action when seeing them. Now let’s see how you can boost that engagement by following a couple of tips.

Tips to optimize your mobile advertising campaigns

  1. Think user-experience

User-experience always needs to say at the top-priority when creating a campaign. Especially on mobile. We have seen an dramatic rise in ad-blocking on web browsers and mobile ad-blocking is getting more and more popular. Why? Because ads have become intrusive and makes the user’s mobile experience more tedious. Don’t we all hate when we are reading an article on our mobile and suddenly, an ad pops up with an impossibly tiny “x” to close it? Let’s try and avoid that by choosing the right format for your campaign. Good options can be using less intrusive formats, like Native, or going for an interactive high-impact format such as Swipe or mobile 360°.

  1. Choose the right formats

Beyond easing the user’s experience with your ad, you need to make sure to choose a format that goes along with your campaign goals. If you want to reach a wide audience and keep your costs low, banners are usually the way to go, but for more engagement and higher CTR, interstitials and videos are a better option. In any case, research your options and consult an expert who will best advise you on the optimal strategy to use.

  1. Go for In-Ad CTA

On mobile more than in traditional digital advertising, you want to avoid your user having to click too many times, or worse, having to leave the original page he was on to sign up to your newsletter for example. To remedy that, you can implement in-ad sign-ups or offer claiming. It betters user experience and will reduce your CPA.

  1. Never forget to use a strong Call-to-action

This goes without saying, and is as true for mobile advertising as for any other type of ads, every ad needs a clear and solid CTA. This means two things: use a CTA that fits the action the user will take. If you are offering a discount, go for “Get 15% off now”, if you want them to subscribe to your newsletter, use “Subscribe Now”. Users want to know exactly what they’re getting into by reacting to your ad. Design-wise, it’s also important to make your CTA visible: use a colorful button that will stand out from the rest of the ad – it will guide the user’s action more easily.

  1. Geotargeting

Geo targeting is one of the great advantages mobile advertising can offer. Because users usually carry their mobile devices with them, it becomes increasingly easy for advertisers to deliver location-based ads to those users, by offering deals they can claim in a nearby location. However, it requires you to have a deep understanding of your audience and its behavior to avoid targeting just about anyone who is around one of your locations.

Now that you are all fired up about integrating mobile to your advertising goals, why not reach out to one of our experts to get more advice and information about how to optimize on your advertising efforts!

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