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Latest results on the Pixalate’s Global Seller Trust Index

By Sandrine Tessier,
Content Strategist
April 4th 2017

District M has once more been ranked in the Pixalate Global Seller Trust Index for the United Stated and has now reached the Top 10 programmatic advertising sellers, landing 9th in the ranking.

District M ranks well for its Masking Score, meaning the company stays very transparent about its inventory and the landing websites for its campaigns. District M has also climbed by 3 points on the SIVT score from January, indicating the company’s constant effort to analyze and remove any invalid source of traffic from its network.

To access full ranking report, visit Pixalate’s online report!

Pixalate is a leading global data intelligence platform and real-time fraud protection provider. It publishes a monthly Global Seller Trust Index based on an analysis of reach, network, masking, invalid traffic by type (GIVT and SIVT), and ad viewability.

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