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Make an impression.

Billboards offer 100% viewablity as well as an eCPM 2 to 3 times higher than standard leaderboards. Billboard can also be integrated with a video, giving publishers access to more demand.

Billboard is a rectangular rich media unit that runs the full width of your website and appears at pageload. This high-impact format allows publishers to achieve a CPM two to three times higher than a standard leaderboard.

Get all the benefits of a billboard unit and add a video to it! This high-viewability format puts the advertiser's message center stage, thus attracting more demand from buyers.


  • 100 % viewability
  • high-impact unit
  • CPMs 2 to 3 times higher than a standard leaderboard
  • Supports video, bringing incremental demand

Technical specifications

  • Format size

Technical specifications - Video

  • Format sizes
    970 x 250 or 300 x 600

  • File types
    html5, jpg, png, gif

  • Video
    Youtube or mp4 of 15" up to 30"

  • Video preview
    Mp4 of 15" up to 30"

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Other formats for publishers


Offer the perfect user-experience with touch, our new high-impact mobile format.

District M exclusive


Access higher CPM by monetizing your website's borders.

District M exclusive

IAB standardsIAB standards

Offer standard ad spaces to access incremental demand.


Access a 100% fill rate with this high-impact format.


Leverage a rich in-app inventory!

Video native (MTAG)Video native (MTAG)

Monetize in-content space with an outstream video dispay or a bigbox.


Leverage this perfectly integrated format for a better user experience.

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