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High-impact mobile ad format

generate more mobile engagement

High-impact. Interactive. Engaging.

Discover touch, district m's high-impact mobile format. Compliant with, this new format is highly interactive, helping advertisers generate engagement with their audience.

How touch moblie ad format works

touch is a perfect blend between a seamless experience and an engaging ad. As the viewer scrolls down the page, the reactive part of the format will come alive at the bottom of the screen, making it highly interactive while staying non-intrusive.

The user can then decide to click the ad and be directed either to a landing page or another high-impact format like video. 100% compliant with, touch is the new way to get the most out of your mobile advertising.

Benefits of touch mobile ad format

Mobile exclusive formatMobile exclusive format


100% compliant with Betterads.org100% compliant with

Non-intrusive experience for the userNon-intrusive experience for the user

Easy for user to closeEasy for user to close

Highly engagingHighly engaging

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