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Responsive skin

Create an immersive experience.

Advertisers can now get the most out of their awareness campaigns with Responsive skin. By dressing up a website's borders, they achieve 100% viewability and stand out from the masses.

Skin is definitely our most impactful format. Perfectly suited for awareness campaigns, the skin format lets you dress the borders of a website page with your brand's colors!

Each creative is 100% custom-made to suit all your marketing needs and generate the most impact for your brand with guaranteed visibility!


  • 100% viewability
  • Excellent solution for awareness campaigns

Technical specifications

  • Format size
    600 x 1050

  • Responsive format
    250 x 1050 (50% to 150% scale)

  • Initial size
    200 kb

  • Safe area
    200 x 768

  • Responsive area
    100% x 768

  • Supports third party tags

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Other formats for advertisers


Discover touch, district m's high-impact mobile format. Highly interactive, it creates an engaging and seamless experience for your customers.

District M exclusive


A partially hidden banner that is revealed on mouseover or after a 5 seconds exposure time!

District M exclusive


Generate engagement for your brand by displaying two offers to your audience to learn more about their tastes and interests.

District M exclusive

Video billboardVideo billboard

Blend your promotionnal video to an impactful banner!

Dynamic creativesDynamic creatives

A format that adapts itself to your target - easily display your current promotions, star products, new collection in real-time!


Your audio ads are now delivered programmatically, with precise targeting options and great delivery potential!

IAB standardsIAB standards

Deliver your ads through standard ad formats accepted on every device: mobile, tablet, desktop.

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