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Be the biggest hit.

Go audio! With Spotify ads, advertisers can reach their audience through most popular music streaming app in North America.

Spotify is the biggest audio streaming platform in North America and offers incredible delivery potential for advertisers in terms of formats, but also with its precise targeting options.

district m is happy to have a programmatic access to Spotify mobile's inventory and offer 15s or 30s audio ads with targeting options by age, gender, music genre, etc


  • Audio format vs. visual
  • Available on mobile and desktop for more reach

Technical specifications

  • Audio file
    ogg (15" up to 30")

  • Image file
    640 x 640 or 300 x 250

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Other formats for advertisers


Discover touch, district m's high-impact mobile format. Highly interactive, it creates an engaging and seamless experience for your customers.

District M exclusive


A partially hidden banner that is revealed on mouseover or after a 5 seconds exposure time!

District M exclusive


Generate engagement for your brand by displaying two offers to your audience to learn more about their tastes and interests.

District M exclusive

Video billboardVideo billboard

Blend your promotionnal video to an impactful banner!

Dynamic creativesDynamic creatives

A format that adapts itself to your target - easily display your current promotions, star products, new collection in real-time!

Responsive skinResponsive skin

Use responsive skin to dress up a website with your brand’s colors!

IAB standardsIAB standards

Deliver your ads through standard ad formats accepted on every device: mobile, tablet, desktop.

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