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Video native (MTAG)

Expand your horizons with programmatic video.

Access incremental revenue by maximizing your in-content space. MTAG is an easy-to-implement format that offers a non-intrusive experience to your website visitors.

Generate incremental revenue by adding an extra ad unit with MTAG. Easy to implement, the format allows for outstream video display or a bigbox. Plus, MTAG only expands when there is demand, keeping your user's experience as seamless as possible.

Video and audio are activated with mouseover from the user, making this ad unit less intrusive.


  • Generates incremental revenue by monetizing in-content space
  • Ad only expands when there is demand
  • Asynchrone loading
  • Easy implementation
  • Better performance and audience measurement
  • Higher eCPMs and higher sell-through
  • Monetization options and flexibility

Technical specifications

  • Format types
    Oustream video, Display and Native

  • Format size
    300x250 (Display and Native)

  • Video file
    VAST file or video file, 15" up to 30"

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