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district m's Adx

A high quality and high performance programmatic exchange

district m's Adx

Access incremental demand with district m's ad exchange. Our exchange is designed to create an open and transparent trading space to connect both publishers and advertisers in a brand safety controlled programmatic environment. By using our Adx, publishers get access to more demand sources and competitive revenue shares to maximize their advertising income.

Why use Adx?

  1. More demand sources
    Adx uses multiple sources, such as added trading desks, DSPs and retargeting.

  2. Competitive revenue share
    Adx offers flexibility in revenue shares, as opposed to other platforms from which publishers only get a specific percentage of revenue.

  3. Package your inventory
    Set up preffered deals for fixed CPMs with buyers or private auctions with floor prices for multiple buyers.

How to integrate Adx?

district m's Adx demand is enabled with a few keystrokes in your own instance of DFP. Upon agreement, you can set this live today! Get in touch with your account representative for further details.

Start using Adx today!

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