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Google AdX

Access incremental demand through district m's partnership with Google.

Why use our AdX?

  1. More demand sources
    Google Ad Exchange partnership increases exposure to strong, curated demand, leveraging district m's relationships with premium trading desks and agencies through its Ad Exchange seat.

  2. Package your inventory
    Set up prefered deals for fixed CPMs with buyers or private auctions with floor prices for multiple buyers.

  3. No commitment
    district m's AdX is risk-free, as publishers can deactivate the solution at any given time.

district m's AdX can be used on its own or in conjunction with publisher's own Ad Exchange solution, thus creating an added value for them.

How to integrate AdX?

district m's AdX demand is enabled with a few keystrokes in your own instance of DFP. Upon agreement, you can set this live today! Get in touch with your account representative for further details.

Start using AdX today!

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