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Track your campaigns in real time - get higher results!

Why work with CAMP?

CAMP, our reporting platform, was specifically designed to allow you to track your campaigns in real-time.

Get access to all of your campaign statistics with total transparency to optimize your advertising strategy and get better results. Your campaign performances are analyzed based on various key indicators:

Day and timeDay and time

Analyze your campaigns impact based on day and time of day.


Reach your most responsive audiences by building your creatives based on their interests.


A geotargeting tech allows you to see in which geographical area your ads perform the most.


CAMP shows your most popular audience's language for more precise targeting.

Devices and operating systemDevices and operating system

Deliver your campaigns across multiple devices (mobile, desktop, tablet) and operating system to see where they are most successful.

Click areasClick areas

CAMP helps you optimize your creatives by analyzing which areas get a higher click rate.

Build your success with CAMP

CAMP offers you complete transparency into the delivery and performance of your programmatic campaigns, along with a wealth of additional information:

  • CTR
  • conversions
  • viewability
  • geography
  • click zones and more!

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