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Header bidding

district m's turnkey solution

What is header bidding?

Header bidding, sometimes referred to as header integration or header tags, is an advanced programmatic technique that allows web publishers to offer ad inventory to multiple SSP/ad exchanges simultaneously before making the ad call to their server.

What is a header wrapper (container)?

A header wrapper is a block of JavaScript code, inserted in a website’s source code, which facilitates the real-time auction of display inventory across multiple advertising exchanges prior to making the call to their ad server.

How does it work?

By allowing multiple demand sources to compete on every impression through header bidding, publishers are increasing their programmatic revenues up to 60%.

district m’s technology offers you one of the fastest and easiest to install header bidding solutions on the market - it can be set up in minutes and be live within 24 hours!

Benefits of district m's turnkey header bidding wrapper

Quick setup

  • Less than 30 minutes implementation
  • Live within 24-48hrs
  • Can be removed just as easily

Exposure and Yield

  • Pure incremental revenue
  • Multiple exchanges, one source
  • district m’s unique yield algorithm

No Latency

  • 100% asynchronous tag
  • Adjustable timeout rate
  • Less than 300ms response time

Minimal resources

  • No average CPM to update
  • No passback/default tags to manage
  • No more fill rate or ad serving fee concerns


  • 3 lines of javascript
  • Compatible with every setup
  • Dedicated support team


  • GDPR-compliant
  • Reporting in district m's platform. Full suite of metrics available
  • Login and demo page provided with your header tag

How do we simplify header bidding?

With just a few lines of code to deploy, implementation takes minutes and is flexible to adapt to any publisher framework, from integrating our own wrapper, to plugging into a publisher’s existing wrapper, a third-party wrapper or directly into their server-to-server setup.

Our unique yield algorithm, Bid M, enables the aggregation and prioritization of all demand sources to generate the highest revenue for every single impression. No need to worry about latency: our tag is 100% asynchronous so that winning bids are loaded and submitted independently of page content.

During this whole process, publishers remain in total control with the ability to adjust timeout rates to their liking as well as ensure that the ads delivered meet the highest standards of quality to uphold brand safety.

Header bidding doesn't fit your website's needs? Learn about our Unified Tag solution. Explore Unified Tag.

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We also support Prebid and Pubfood Open source wrapper integration.

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