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district m for publishers

A strong expertise

As industry leaders, we have built a strong expertise that offers innovative and transparent monetization solutions and generates more revenue for publishers. Our strenght relies on four pillars:

  • proprietary technologies
  • one powerful inventory management platform
  • multiple innovative formats
  • consitent premium support

Boost by district m - a powerful platform

Simplicity. Performance. Transparency. These competitive advantages are where Boost's strength lies and help publishers optimize their programmatic needs in a complex and crowded marketplace.


Access incremental demand in a brand safety controlled programmatic environment: our exchange offers top-level optimization performance, blazing response times (under 300ms) and is incredibly fast to set up.

Header integration

Header integration, also referred to as header bidding or header tags, is an advanced programmatic technique that allows web publishers to offer ad inventory to multiple SSP/ad exchanges simultaneously before making the ad call to their server.

Unified Tag

Our Unified Tag is a traditional ad tag offering real-time unified auction across multiple ad exchanges. It is ideal for sites not using an ad server, or not currently exposed to many of the world’s most reputable ad exchanges through a header wrapper.

Formats tailored to your standards

Many exclusive formats are available to fit your specific needs - they are quick to implement, easy to manage and give you high flexibility.

Premium support

Our dedicated team is always available to answer your needs and to provide the necessary ressources to simplify your work.

Want to grow your business? Let's see how!

Access to our platforms

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