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To navigate the ever-changing industry, you need trusted insight and solid resources — that's what we are dedicated to give you. We want to provide the right tools and insightful information so we can help you achieve success. Only with strong knowledge can we hope to lead.

White papers

A brief history of digital advertisingA brief history of digital advertising

We often forget but digital advertising only appeared 2 decades ago - how did such a young industry grow so rapidly to become what it is today? Download this whitepaper to find out!

Black Friday 2017 digital strategyBlack Friday 2017 digital strategy

In 2016, Black Friday was projected by Adobe to reach $3.05 billion in online revenue – in actual fact, this projection was surpassed by nearly $300 million and hit an all-time record of $3.34 billion, making it the first year to generate more online sales than in-store. Get ready for Black Friday 2017 with district m's programmatic advertising strategy.

Black Friday 2018 Digital StrategyBlack Friday 2018 Digital Strategy

The 2017 Holiday season generated $108 billion in online sales revenue, a third of which was generated in November solely. During that period of time, 54,3% of website visits came from mobile devices, and 36.9% of revenue were made with the same device. 2016 was a record-breaking year for mobile, and those numbers prove that 2017 definitely followed into that trend.

Holiday Advertising Strategy 2018Holiday Advertising Strategy 2018

According to Deloitte’s 2017 holiday retail survey, 54% of people complete their holiday shopping in December. A Google study also shows that 2 out of 3 December shoppers are open to shopping from new retailers in 2018, which means there’s a huge opportunity for advertisers to gain new clients. During a time when competition for consumers’ attention is fierce, we wanted to give you as much of an advantage as possible.

Case studies & testimonials

CaseStudiesHow Doodle increased its eCPM by 87% with district m’s AdX seat

We spoke with Aline Gägauf, Yield Manager Worldwide, to learn more about the solutions that were provided by district m to help the company achieve its goals.

CaseStudiesHow Ranker uses Prebid video to generate incremental revenue.

We met with Robin Strauss, VP of Ad Technology and Yield, to learn more about the solutions that were provided by district m to help the company achieve its goals.

CaseStudiesHow Narcity Media increased their revenue from district m by 20% by integrating our exclusive touch format.

We spoke with Chuck Lapointe, CEO and co-founder, to learn more about the solutions that were provided by district m to help the company achieve its goals.

CaseStudiesHow MobileSyrup used district m’s turnkey wrapper to increase revenue

We met with Ian Hardy, publisher and founder, to learn more about the solutions that were implemented by district m to help his company achieve its goals.

CaseStudiesdistrict m assists Reader’s Digest to set up DFP and improve targeting

We met with Adamo Calafati, head of programmatic & ad operations at Reader's Digest Canada, to learn more about what has led the company to partner with district m.

testimonialWhy chose district m as a programmatic partner

“ When looking for new partners, we always look for the best performances but also smooth working relations, which is what we get with district m. ” Scott Wagner, VP of Revenue & Analytics


The ultimate programmatic glossaryThe ultimate programmatic glossary

The programmatic industry is full of complexe terms and subtle nuances that experts should understand - but sometimes, you just need a little refresher. In this ultimate programmatic glossary, you will find every term, concept and definition you need to know to master the ad tech industry.

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