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Technology for advertisers

Intelligent buying solutions for advertisers

How do we do it?

Built upon our powerful technology infrastructure, district m enables advertisers to make smarter buys. Our unique yield algorithm, Bid M, optimizes campaign performance in terms of speed, scale, targeting, and ultimately, win rate.

district m’s variety of creative formats allows brands to reach customers whenever and wherever they are, including banners, video, Facebook, Instagram, mobile apps and more. Our brand partners can track the delivery of campaigns in real-time, offering total transparency into programmatic performance across a variety of metrics.

How are your campaigns delivered?

district m's first goal is to ensure the quality of its inventory to all advertisers. That's why our distribution network is based on four branches that allow safe distribution and guarantee excellent visibility.

  • Quality network

We own a network of + 2 500 quality publishers and premium websites to ensure the best placements for advertisers.

  • Secured programmatic

Campaigns are exclusively delivered on whitelisted websites and through private deals, directly set up with networks, medias and premium publishers

  • Semantic tools

We use tools to recognize and exclude negative content through semantic analysis that evaluates a website’s content before displaying an ad.

  • Reporting platform

Complete transparency on your campaigns' performance is our priority : with our reporting platform, CAMP, we can help you optimize your campaigns so they reach beyond your advertising goals.

Data management

Our data management technology makes it easier to build user segments based on identified leads, and as a result enables specific targeting of potential customers.

We use machine learning to better understand your customers, taking into account details as specific as their habits, interests and keywords they’ve searched for. This enables us to create audience segments based on a behavioral analysis and thus, target your audiences around frequency and recency.

Gathered data on one user also allow for audience duplication, also known as "look alike", therefore offering retargeting opportunities to a larger scale.

district m will only display your ads to pre-qualified audiences and will work with you to achieve your campaign goals.

Antifraud technology

With the rise in clickbots and fraudulent clicks, district m’s proprietary antifraud technology combats fraud and ensures real, trustworthy viewability metrics based on a several key indicators:

  • Analysis of click areas

Blacklisting of devices that generate automatic clicks (usually located on a banner’s border).

  • Number of impressions made by a single device

Analysis of the number of impressions made by a single device on a single website. Blacklisting of the devices that generate unusually high page views or visits.

  • Blacklisting of devices

Blacklisting of devices that generate multiple clicks for a single impression.

  • Analysis

Analysis of websites that have a big portion of its traffic being generated by a small amount of devices and blacklisting of these websites.

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