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Unified Tag

A traditional tag implementation with exceptional results

The Unified Tag

The Unified Tag is a traditional ad tag offering real-time unified auction across multiple ad exchanges. It is ideal for sites not using an ad server, or not currently exposed to many of the world’s most reputable ad exchanges through a header wrapper.

Why use the Unified Tag

  1. With multiple bidders competing in a unified auction (conjointly vs. sequentially), publishers get higher yield/CPM when compared to any single source tag or waterfall set-up.
  2. Unified Tag can be set-up in a matter of minutes and validated within 1 day.
  3. Real-time reporting in our B3 portal. A wide range of metrics is available for more transparency on the results.
  4. Unified Tag allows for various exchange connections, therefore bringing in international demand.

The best alternative to header bidding for display placements.

How to integrate Unified Tag?

Unified Tag is a standard java script tag that can be called directly from your page source code or trafficked through your ad server. With only a couple lines of code to integrate, it can be up and running in minutes!

Integrate Unified Tag today!

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